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Mon Mar 21 19:10:48 CDT 2011

Gee, I got you beat Rock Dancer.  Don't remind me that it's been 14 years
since I thru-hiked.  Dang it doesn't seem like it has been that long.  How
slowly time moves when you didn't realize it could move that slow.

I think I was about the same as you RD.  I started up the approach trail on
March 9th and I hit Fontana Dam on Good Friday, the last Friday of
March...if I remember correctly.  I had planned on doing roughly 8 miles a
day the first week, 9 the second, 10 the third, 11 the fourth, and so on
until I reached 15 miles a week and then I was going to hold that pace til
Katahdin.  I was only planning to hike 6 days a week and take the 7th day
off on the trail.  I was going to take the day off in town as I knew from
what I had been told that if you tried to do that you would never end up
taking any days off.  I pretty much held to taking the day off in the woods
until I got into VA and then things changed since I started hiking with
someone.  Admittedly north of Boiling Springs it seemed like I was taking a
lot of days off in the woods trying to kill time and let the schedule catch
back up with me as I got way ahead thanks to family coming to see me in
Boiling Springs on nude hiking day(no I didn't bare it all for them either).

GAME '97
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