[at-l] Lost hiker [was: List slow?...]

Linda Patton lpatton at fsu.edu
Tue Mar 22 10:20:39 CDT 2011

They say PANIC drives all common sense out of the 
panicee's brain.  (or does testosterone keep some 
young men forging ahead when they should be turning 

~~ eArThworm
who, in spite of the Felixian prompting is VERY belated 
in her birthday wishes.  Hope it was a good one.

> Very glad he is out & alive! 
> I have 2 questions for  discussion.... 
> 1.  why would you ever abandon your gear and *food*?   
> 2.  Why would you stay at a spot in the woods, for 4 days, without any
> supplies?   
> Something doesn't add up.   
> t.

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