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Ironmaster's Mansion hostel at Pine Grove Furnace State Park to reopen April

By MARCUS RAUHUT Staff writer

A hostel popular among Appalachian Trail hikers is scheduled to reopen April
5 after a year of renovations.

The historic Ironmaster's Mansion at Pine Grove Furnace State Park closed
about a year ago, but the Central Pennsylvania Conservancy took on the task
of fixing it up.

The reopening follows more than 4,800 hours of volunteer work, $72,000 in
donated professional labor, and more than $52,000 in cash donations.

"The mansion doesn't belong to the Central Pennsylvania Conservancy, it was
rebuilt by the community and should be used by the community," said Deb
Bowman, executive director.

Kristen Oakley, Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau spokesman, said the
renovations will allow the mansion to host weddings, meetings and special

She said it will continue be a popular hostel for hikers along the
Appalachian Trail. The Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau will be working
with the Ironmaster's Mansion by making the reservations for guests.

The mansion has been completely renovated, repainted and landscaped. The
donated labor and cash provided replacement windows, a renovated kitchen,
bunk beds for the hostel, and the addition of meeting space.

In addition to being a popular spot for hikers, the Ironmaster's Mansion is
also an important historical landmark.

The Tudor mansion dates to 1827, according to the Department of Conservation
of Natural Resources. The mansion is believed to have served as a stop on
the Underground Railroad for
escaped slaves traveling from Maryland to Boiling Springs.

Notable residents of the mansion include Judge Fredrick Watts, known as the
"father of Penn State University," Jackson Fuller, the namesake for Fuller
Lake, and Jay Cooke, often called "the financier of the Civil War."

How to help

The Central Pennsylvania Conservancy still needs kitchen supplies, large
throw rugs, folding chairs, meeting tables, rocking chairs and patio
furniture for the deck, and any decorative items. For more information, call
Deb Bowman at the Central Pennsylvania Conservancy at

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