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Don't know Carebear but he's not listed in either the 2007 or 2009 ALDHA
directory (the ones close at hand). 

The AMC website has only that the Hut was taken apart at the end of 2010
hiker season and that (re)construction will have it ready in time for 2011

"At the end of the Fall construction period the crew will "shrinkwrap" the
building for the Winter and then return in the Spring to complete
construction." They used two work crews to allow work to proceed 7

So, there were about 15 workers involved? AMC sometimes "contracts out" to
get work done in the Whites, leaving their employees to their regular
duties. But I could imagine they would offer something to their seasonal
employees if they could do the job. The people who work as caretakers
usually have to find their own employment outside of hiker season. --RD

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I got an e-mail from Mary Ann at Hiker's Paradise in Gorham. 
She tells me that a 'CareBear' is going to be the caretaker at Imp Shelter.
(I LOVE Imp Shelter)
I'm not sure I know CareBear. Do you?   He was also involved 
with the Madison Hut renovations, I believe.

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