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As usual with newspaper reports, they get it partly right and partly wrong,
too much talking to a local nuclear crazy group and not enough to those
directly involved. Bob Leone worked for ATC not New York-New Jersey Trail
Conference. The Dutchess County AT Management Committee handled the whole
process from the volunteer end. The chair still has several feet of binders
of what went on in the whole process. There was an initial cleanup and that
was not good enough to satisfy the local group so more was done. The major
remaining cleanup removed the concrete floor of the build where the
explosion happened which, at the point, would give you roughly the
equivalent of a chest X-ray if you slept on it overnight (or maybe a week).
(subject to the rule about newspapers above - as this is third hand info).

I am quite sure about its safety now (and for quite awhile). Perhaps better
than the AT somewhat south of there which is on the Reading Prong which has
a higher than normal uranium content that produces enough radon that houses
near it need testing and perhaps remediation. I have tested my basement and
it is just borderline on needing to do remediation (about 5 miles from trail
and on the edge of the rock formation).

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> RockDancer wrote:
> > .... Anyone know more of the history of this "non-nuclear
> > explosion"? ..."... Nuclear Lake is 57 acres and manmade..."
> Does this help?
> "...In 1972, the surrounding woods were contaminated when a
> chemical explosion scattered radioactive plutonium dust,
> considered by scientists to be the most toxic form of plutonium
> because of the threat of lung cancer if inhaled.
> The plant was closed, the plutonium was cleaned up, truckloads
> of contaminated soil were carried away and the decommissioned
> site was cleared by the federal government for unrestricted use
> in 1975, said Robert Leone, field representative for the New York-
> New Jersey Trail Conference....
> Questions about whether the site was really safe arose shortly
> after the National Park Service bought it and started planning
> a recreation area...."
> http://articles.latimes.com/1986-07-20/news/mn-17096_1_appalachian-trail
> More at:
> http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/1986-03-27/news/8601180865_1_appalachian-trail-nuclear-waste-site-trail-group
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