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I seem to remember a National Geographic article about Nuclear Lake, more 
than 20 years ago.

irst Pilgrim
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> Hi all,
> This article, 3 days ago, in the Poughkeepsie Journal contained the
> following paragraph. Anyone know more of the history of this "non-nuclear
> explosion"?
> http://www.poughkeepsiejournal.com/article/20110327/LIFE08/103270301/Head-fo
> r-the-trails-to-enjoy-spring?odyssey=tab|mostpopular|text|LIFE
> "... Nuclear Lake is 57 acres and manmade. It was once owned by the United
> Nuclear Corp., but has since become a part of Appalachian National Scenic
> Trail. The property, in 1972, was apparently the location of a non-nuclear
> explosion, after which the United Nuclear Corp. closed the site down and
> cleaned up the property. While that all sounds very scary, the trail is
> wonderful, the lake beautiful, and, no worries, you won't need a Geiger
> counter after you come out of the woods."
> Perhaps the events in Japan have been more on my mind than I thought. It
> never occurred to me that something had happened at the site, I thought it
> had outlived its usefulness, the land was near the AT and perhaps no one
> wanted it after the cleanup. Thanks for any info! --RD
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