[at-l] Hard Core needs boots

Mara Factor mfactor at gmail.com
Sun May 8 17:46:15 CDT 2011

Many thruhikers no longer wear boots and for safety reasons they are
now required for much of the work being done by Hard Core.  If you
have any extra or old boots you no longer need, please consider
donating them to Bob Peoples at Trail Days this weekend.

They will be put to good use by hikers both next week and in the future.

Please bring them to the ATC/ALDHA tent and look for the boot donation box.

Thanks so much,

Mara, on behalf of Hard Core and Bob Peoples
Stitches, AT99

P.S.  If anyone on the AT list can post this on Whiteblaze, please do
so.  I'm on a very slow connection here at Bob's and will not be able
to get online again until tomorrow at the earliest.  Thanks again, MF

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