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Was this the dog Mala has?


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> Great report, good on ya for all the trails days work and the trail magic! 
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> Returned to the farm in AL late Sunday tired as a panting dog. Spent 3 days working with the folks providing the showers at Trail Days and had a great time. I think I surpassed the all time record for a guy spending time in a laundry mat. About 11 hours in total. Hard on my old feet.
> Had time to provide some trail magic. Drove over to Burke’s Garden and saw 2 nobos at the AT crossing of the gravel road. Made a quick stop to give them some root beer and when I offered them an opportunity to get a hamburger at the general store in the garden they jumped at the chance. On the way back I let them off  at the crossing, gave another late comer a root beer and headed out. We had seen a medium size dog on the road on the way in, just standing on the gravel road. He seemed OK, was friendly and had a    collar. No one else around so we let him be and went on our way. On the way back to I-81 the dog was in the same place. He was glad to see us and we offered him some water but he wasn’t interested. He seemed hungry. Although he had a collar he had no name tag. After some thought we decided to “rescue” him and put him in the truck, headed out and found him a home in Sharon Springs.
> Made a stop at the gas station in Atkins and picked up a Swedish hiker headed back to Damascus. He had hiked from Damascus to Atkins in 3 days!
> After a stop in Damascus we headed for the motel in Abingdon and picked up 2 hikers as we left town.
> Nice to be able to do some pay back. 
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