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Since Florida seldom gets that kind of wintertime bare forest, we don't have as much of those kinds of changes to surprise us.  However, some trails I hike become magical when the wild iris are blooming, or the rose pogonia, or the pitcher plants, tarflower, or vanilla plant.  

As to the changes last night, I understand the need for prescribed burns to maintain these lands so that there is a wide variety of vegetation in different stages of growth.  However, some of these cleared lines were wider than any I've seen before.  That MAY be because a lot of this property hasn't burned in many, many years.  There are knee-high piles of dead pine needles under some trees.  Maybe they just want to be sure that the fire doesn't leapfrog and burn the entire property.

Here in Florida I'm always amazed at how quickly the vegetation comes back after a burn.  And that's even more true if there wasn't a lot of fuel load on the ground when the burn occured.  Florida's native flora and fauna evolved in a world of frequent lightning-caused fires that would sweep for miles.  I've heard it estimated that most places burned every 3-5 years.  The native pines have a growth period where the suddenly shoot up, causing their crowns to rise above fire height in areas with load fuel load.  

I understand the need, but it's shocking to hike a place you think you "know" and find yourself having to constantly re-evaluate where you are and where the new blazes are.


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I've actually been disoriented by the change of seasons on trails I know. Sometimes it is amazing how much different things can look after the leaves fall. Even with no relocations of the trail it can look like an entirely different place.

Jim Bullard

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### I'd go much further, so far as to substitute "violated" for "disoriented" -- I think this is the nature of objection when big changes come to specific hills, dips, even trees and brooks, when we have come to regard these (micro-!)landmarks as stable and stabilizing... A thought, anyways.


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