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Rain makes Appalachian Trail a soggy slog

"It's supposed to rain in the spring, isn't it?" said Sam McMullan, a 30-year-old hiker from New Zealand.

By Amanda Codispoti

Birds sing. Wind rustles through treetops. Squirrels stir up fallen leaves.

That's what you'd expect to hear on the Appalachian Trail.

Lately, there have been other, unwelcome sounds.

Raindrops splashing into puddles. Rumbles of thunder. And, perhaps the worst for a hiker, the slish-slosh-slish-slosh of wet boots.

"It's raining like crazy," said Jason Newcomer, 33, of Philadelphia. "I basically don't have anything dry. You take your socks off and layers of skin fall off. I don't even want to begin to talk to you about the smell."



Bring back any thought, Shoe, Hammer, Chief, et al

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