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Dave Hicks carla_dave_hicks at verizon.net
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Yup, the bow-saw doesn't have the same ring to it.  Ditto, Dbl edge 
brush-ax/brush-hook (no longer allowed), scythe, bow-saw, ax, cross-cut-saw 
(felling & bucking), ax, adze, pulaski, mcleod, pick-mattock hazel hoe, rock 
bar, etc.  Not a power tool in the bunch, back then.

In fact, the cross-cut-saw is what got me involved, in the first place.

I got volunteered by my dad, as a teenage, to help a friend, who need an 
experienced  cross-cut-saw partner.   I fell in love with the Trail, as a 
maintainer.  Became a long-distance hiker quite a few years later.

FWIIW, it was my snoring that got me labeled as "Chainsaw", not experience 
with one -- albeit I was later licensed as a master sawyer.


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And lucky us!
""Hey! Bowsaw!" --  It jus' don' carry the same _gravitas_....

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> The AT, which I was maintaining at the time.
> Chainsaw
> PS: w/o a chainsaw I might add.   ;-) 

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