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I started back in 1956 or 1957.  The details are fuzzy memories.  Might have even been 1955.

I know 1958 was the last year I worked regularly up in the NOVA area (for a while), as I left for college, then.

I did two trips in ‘59.  Then there was a gap for the USMC.

In the mid-‘60 I work some on the Tuscarora and then back to the AT in PA.  When I lived in York Co was when I met and worked with The Crazy One.  Later, I worked in the Watergap area, then moved to Maryland and went back to working with PATC.

After I retired, I worked with PATH, until my health put an end to it.

It’s been a long love affair with “The Trail”, albeit I also work on other trails, from time-to-time. 

Probably, the Massarock  Crew work on the Massanutten Mountain Trail are my the second fondest memories.  Now we were a bunch of old farts that could really build trail.  The Lee District was great to work with and our annual get-together with the really “old hands” from the CCC was a privilege beyond description.  Now those boys could spin as good a tail, as good as the amazing work they did in their youth.


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<<The AT, which I was maintaining at the time.>>

1958? Surely you mean milepoint 1958???

Must be somewhere in Maine!  :-)


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