[at-l] Countdown to Section Hike Summer 2011

Cody Girl codycodygirl at gmail.com
Tue May 31 22:36:20 CDT 2011

One step at a time friend, and you will be THERE!  I was thinking of you as
I drove home tonight, what with tomorrow being first of June and all, your
hike drawing so near.  You know I have struggled so much with reentry, and
for me the hike being all about simplicity, in my way anyway, and such
ultimate freedom as I have never known before.  I have felt so ... confined
... since being home, and especially of late as you know.  It's getting
worse, not better!   I have thought several times in the last few weeks of
how in 15 years I can go again, should I be so lucky, and maybe even in 10,
and how in this misery I am setting myself up to miss the joys of my life
today while I pine for some day in the future.  And then today as I thought
enviously of your upcoming hike it occurred to me just how dang lucky I was
that I got to go even just once!  Perhaps I need to adjust my point of view,
eh?  I mean, in the strangest of ways, the stars aligned for me one day and
so it happened.  So stars are busy aligning for you at this very
moment.   I'm still jealous of you of course, but so happy for you that your
days in the woods are fast approaching.  Peace to you indeed, good
friend.  So glad to hear GG is on the mend.  Give her a hug.  And say hey
for me to that brave little frog at the campsite near Rattlesnake Spring.

On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 8:46 PM, Ofahoma <ofahoma at aol.com> wrote:

> Hi Yall.....
> No, this isn't Paula Dean...... This is your favorite section hiker Fat
> Man Walking here.....
> Just thought that I would give the gather assemblage an update on the
> progress that I am making to getting back on the trail where sanity
> reigns supreme.
> On the housing front, closing on sale of our house tomorrow. Thanks be
> to God!! Will stay here renting from new owners until June 11th. Then,
> to an apartment while we build a new house. First one of those for
> Girly Girl. So, that is fairly well put to bed. GG did tell me that she
> was sorry that all of this packing up the BIG tent had messed up
> packing the little tent. But, it is what it is, right? But, that is all
> done but the roaring.
> Then, there was that matter about Girly Girl's left shoulder and
> getting rid of those pesky bone spurs. That has been done and she is
> getting her game back. But, she would tell you that this has been more
> difficult than she thought it was going to be. But, I have to give her
> props. That woman can do more heavy liftin with a bum shoulder than
> most of the men I know. So, YOU GO GIRL!!!
> And, lastly there is that matter of getting the stuff off the dining
> room table and into a box to ship to DWG, my starting point this year.
> Also, there was that little thing of making reservations and travel
> arrangements, etc.  That is all pretty much done and it is just a
> matter of tying up loose ends.
> I mean, can yall tell I am excited here? But, it has been an
> interesting process. There was a point in time where I thought that
> between selling the house, moving, looking for a place to live both
> temporarily and permanently, working my job, and dealing with another
> family related matter that I thought that there was no way that I would
> have been able to get all this done. But, that is exactly what has
> transpired. I have managed to be multi-focused and get things done that
> any one of which would have overwhelmed me in another life. I truly now
> understand what it means to have the strength provided ONLY by a power
> greater than myself. This is one of the reasons I am looking  so
> forward to my time on the trail. To totally immerse myself in the
> presence of that power with nothing else to distract me from my time
> with Him.
> Anyway, I am inside of 30 days now and the clock is ticking. I have
> been so distracted by other things that I really haven't thought about
> it much. Not sure that is a good or bad thing. But, one thing I am sure
> of is that I will enjoy every minute of it from the dragging myself up
> and down mountains to waking at the break of day to the song of birds
> in the woods and the cool of the morning air. I get chills just
> thinking about it.
> All is well.......
> Peace.......
> Da Fat Man....
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>  Things to do list to make my 12th annual section hike of the AT
> starting at the Delaware Water Gap going to Great Barrington, MA
> starting on 6/22
> 1) Make Airline reservations for 6/22 - Check
> 2) Sell House - Check
> 3) Pass House Inspection on sold house - Check
> 4) Get Girly Girl's shoulder surgery behind us - Check
> 5) Find new place to live - Check
> 6)Take over dining room (much to Girly Girl's chagrin) and dump all my
> hiking S_it on dining room table. - Check
> 7) Reorganize hiking s_it 83 times - In process
> 8) Organize and re-package food - Almost check. Still have one more
> mail drop to go.
> 9 Make hotel reservation for DWG for 6/22 - to do.
> 10) Pack and ship hiking s_it to DWG so I don't have to lug it through
> the airports. - to do
> 11) Put maildrops in the mail to Fort Montgomery NY and Kent Ct - To do
> 12) Close on sold house and new house we will be buying on June 17th. -
> To do
> 13) Move on 6/18-20
> 14) Go to Airport to get to Trail on 6/22......
> Did I leave anything out? Nothing like having your priorities in order
> eh?
> "There's a Fat Man in the bath tub with the blues"
> Fat Man Walking
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