[at-l] WAY OFF TOPIC. . .Artemis! trojan

Linda Patton lpatton at fsu.edu
Wed Nov 9 14:30:22 CST 2011

Off topic unless it starts messing up my AT-L email. . . 

After 5 years of laptopping, picked up my first malware. 
I have the Artemis![followed by chain of varying alphanumeric]
trojan.  McAfee keeps popping up and telling me it 'caught' 
it, but the pop-ups continue.  And, occasionally, unasked-for 
web sites appear in a new Firefox tab.  I have an appointment 
with a local computer shop on Monday (soonest they could 
guarantee one-day turnaround), but this question arises:  
Could I be in danger in the meantime??--are my keystrokes 
being captured as I enter passwords/logins for online banking, 
etc.?  Anyone know about "Artemis!"?  

Ooops...even as I was typing this, "famoussearchsystems.com" 
popped up, unasked.  I quickly closed it, but I'll bet I get another 
McAfee popup in a minute.  

~~ eArthworm

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