[at-l] wandering around the AT in the AM

hetchhetchyman at aol.com hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Sun Nov 20 20:07:34 CST 2011

Okay, I was sleeping under my tarp on the AT down south when a strange sound woke me.
I heard a kind of whooping sound that was definitely human in origin.
I peeked out from under my MLD Patrol shelter to see a faint light in the half dawn.
The light became three lights: There was a headlamp, a light around the neck and a light on the chest of the hiker as i watched him climb
out of the spring.
Amazed.. I wanted to call ou,t but the words never came.
That fellow climbed out of the spring and started re-attaching all his gear.(Apparently he had fallen into the spring gully and had a "yard sale" aka. gear flying everywhere)
First came the backpack; a huge external frame, then the shoulder bag, then the camera bag, then a water bag.
Then he wandered off down the trail.
I passed him a half hour later even though he had an hour head start.
Seemed like a happy fellow.
This was by far the oddest early AM thing i saw on the AT.
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