[at-l] It's not the AT but....

Jack Vanderbijl jacko_1956 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 21 06:59:59 CST 2011

... the Bibbulmun Track is what I have at hand to "practise" on living here in Western Australia.

The "Bib" is exactly 600 miles long and a lot flatter than the AT.

I have just done my first thru hike of the Bib (they call them end2ends here) and have posted a journal on trailjournals.

I am neither a person who writes a good journal or someone who writes a really fascinating journal (like Mrs Joy), but it does have some photos that some of you may be interested in and gives a bit more info about me.  Actually when I read it again myself I think I must have the makings of a long distance hiker.  It is mainly concerned with mileage and food....


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