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Sun Nov 27 21:20:47 CST 2011

For those contemplating a thruhike next year, the ATC has an annual guide
book special each year.  You can get all the guides, the maps, and a Data
Book for $215, more than $100 less than the regular price and less than
just the maps alone as well.

This year, the special goes until 12/20/11.


For those contemplating hiking without maps, please reconsider.  While the
maps are usually not necessary to follow the trail itself, they provide
valuable information in case of emergencies.  There are times when the
quickest way off the Appalachian Trail may be to follow some route other
than the A.T. or when circumstances require a reroute around obstacles such
as flooding.  They are also more reliable than maps in electrical devices
which are subject to failing batteries or trauma from falls.

Stitches, AT99

P.S.  In the spirit of full disclosure, while I have at times both
volunteered for, and been an employee for the ATC, I've been recommending
taking advantage of this deal since my thruhike.  I also benefited from
this deal the year before my thruhike.

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