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I hiked this stretch this past October and agree with what he said 
about the boggy parts past Rt 9.  Hard to understand when it is so 
close to the road. Oh well. It is the AT after all.


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Here's what I think is a different take on the hike experience, by 
who has section hiked the AT twice. Obviously there is much enjoyment in
going on the AT even in the "dull" sections. Much of the pleasure 
depends on
attitude, weather, the company with you. This past summer I arrived at
Graymoor wet to the skin from summer T-storms, having been caught on a 
between Bear Mountain Bridge and Graymoor. Lightning was striking. I
descended into thickets to wait out the death-zone above me then 
crawled up
and reached the AT. About 2 hours later I dragged myself to the soccer 
to welcoming hikers.

This is from the Poughkeepsie Journal . com site. --RD

Hike name: A Holiday Season hike to the Graymoor Monastery Thrift Shop, 
beyond, via the Appalachian Trail (AT).

Location: Northern Westchester County.

Length: About a mile on the AT, another mile on the monastery grounds.

Rating: Graymoor was a lot more fun than the AT.

Dogs: No way would I allow Fido's now-muddy paws into the thrift shop, 
or my
pampered little Smart Car.

Maps: Follow the (sometimes-faded) AT blazes, then the Franciscan Way.

Features: A wonderful thrift shop: four floors of new or like-new 
goods, tastefully displayed in a warm, relaxing environment. The very 
Graymoor 9/11 Memorial. The spirituality, peace and tranquility of the
European-like Graymoor grounds.
The extraordinary view from the very top of the hill, the city skyline
visible beyond the river and the palisades.

Watch out for: Careful crossing Route 9 - though the intersection is
controlled, it's very busy, and sight distance is limited to the south.
Though obviously maintained in places, this short, transitional piece 
of the
AT was, in places, shabby: several stretches of black muddy bogs and too
many nasty trail-disrupting blowdowns. I also spotted what appeared to 
be a
lot of leafless poison ivy where the trail paralleled the paved road 
Graymoor. Hopefully someone has devoted some TLC to this trail since my

Background: We brought some clothes down to Saint Christopher's Inn at
Graymoor to donate, and women's clothes go directly to the thrift shop
across the way. I'm not a shopper, by any means, but this rustic, cozy,
building, with soft, soothing lighting - lamps, and strings of tiny 
and colored lights - fieldstone walls, exposed beams, and wide-board 
struck a chord with me.
It felt like a big, comfortable old house. Two floors are chock full of
brand-new-looking tables, chairs, sofas, lamps, china, glassware, 
and collectibles. The third floor is women's and men's wear, "sporting
goods", and videos and CD's. Downstairs is a seasonal Christmas Shop. 
donated, and all at mind-bogglingly bargain prices. No shopper I, but I
walked away from our first visit with a "half-price-sale" pair of faded
Lands End jeans, for one dollar. Gotta Love it!

Thursday--Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., 845-424-3635,

Hike description: I was not happy with my introduction to this short 
of AT.
I encountered a blowdown about 20 feet from Route 9, then a big, long,
black-mud bog a couple of hundred feet further: I said out loud, "You 
be kidding!" More mud and blowdowns were up the trail, before it 
crossed a
paved road and weaved through pleasant open woods, the steep ridge of
Graymoor to the right. Cresting onto the monastery grounds, turn right 
Franciscan Way and head up. The thrift shop is below the 
T-intersection, so
I turned uphill on the steep road and paid my respects at the 9/11 
then hoofed up to the ridgetop, passing the Pieta replica, then soaking 
the magnificent view.

I headed down to the thrift shop, where Dorothy - always upbeat, 
smiling and
positive - once again made me feel welcome, and then I let this 
place - over the years the goodness and tranquility from the monastery 
obviously seeped through the walls of this venerable building - take 
over. A
lady - a regular since 2003 - said she furnished her whole home from 
including a Venetian Murano Glass chandelier in her bathroom - gotta 
it! Head down and see for yourself!

How to get there: Route 9 south to the traffic light at the Route 403
Acute right unto 403, parking for about 10 cars along the right side of 
road just beyond the Appalachian Market gas station/deli.
Graymoor main entrance about a half mile south on 9, on the left.

Ralph Ferrusi has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail as a section hiker 
He writes Hike of the Week each week for the Poughkeepsie Journal. For
comments or to contribute an idea, send email to 
rjferrusi at frontiernet.net

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