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I once heard that it was really important to trim your toenails before climbing (and going back down) Mt. Kiliminjaro.  

I'm just sayin,

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My wife bought a package deal at a charity thing we go to.  Sheis not climbing but we are gonna go to a park and do the safari thing.  Without looking at the papers I don't remember what trail.  I know it starts with an M if that tells ya anything.  It take 7 days I think and the Safari is like 6 days.


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Kilimanjaro is amazing, you're going to have a blast. My wife and I
went to Tanzania for our honeymoon in '06:


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> Maybe it's just me, but I think we need some trip reports before all the
> rabbits go crazy.
> I got the results of my physical Friday and my wife is gonna let me go climb
> Mt Kiliminjaro.
> She's payin.  She has a job.  I should have a trip report when I get back.
> Clyde
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