[at-l] Gathered?

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Got back last evening, 2 of the hikers from this year need to get to Logan
airport early Wed morning - Little Bird and Rolling Stone. Short summary of
the weekend:
50 new members created for ALDHA
Terrific camping spot, sunrise over Mt. Greylock
About 400 attending
Skurka seems like a nicer person for having done the Alaska trip
Giving AT completion certificates is a hit - about 25 members of class 2011
Ultralight hiking workshop was outstanding
Tricks and Bookworm are a couple! 
Trivia game had 2 - $100 prizes donated - gift certificates to REI - nice
incentive gift, but tough questions.

"Which shelter is the last, heading northbound, that has the water source
flow into the Gulf of Mexico?"

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I'm walking. That's not Gathering, but it *is* walking. About a hour at a
shot. Beautiful sunlight this past weekend (very Concord College), beautiful
moonlight last night (very.... moony).

I've *thought* about hiking so much, recently. I feel I'm going nuts. (Yes,
I said "going.") It feels like the other end of Re-Entry. (Both of those --
the longing and the returning -- are very Gather-ish, eh?)

I am thinking about Christmas -- I will probably miss a hike again, which
sucks in its own right, but then too, where would I go? I so enjoyed heading
from Fontana down to Springer for New Year's Eve a few years back, but could
I do it again? Even the faint company I had (2000 milers heading in) was
fun, but that would be lost on a "new" alternative. Hmmmm.

No, no Gather here...

sloW toe

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> Didn't *anyone* go to the Gathering???  It WAS this past weekend, 
> n'est pas???  Where are the reports?  Inquiring minds want to know.  
> ...and so does mine.
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