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The weather for the Gathering was fantastic. It was actually too nice to be inside but I had hiked 60 miles on NY AT & a few on Mass AT that week so a couple of days indoors were okay.
I connected with some old friends but missed others who were not there (you know who you are). Made some new ones too. Something like 450 odd people were there. I am certainly one of the odd ones. 
About 25 current year thru hikers were there to get their certificates & patches. That was good. 
I attended 4 sessions about trails on my wish list and the premier of Lynne Whelden’s new film about his hike on the CDT. All were good. Andrew Skurka’s Saturday night presentation was fascinating. There is actually someone crazier than I am.
As usual my newsletter report was the highlight of the business meeting (modesty has never been one of my strong points). The steering committee meeting actually kept to the allotted time. Amazing.
Bill O’Brien & Jim Niedbalski did a fantastic job of setting this up. 
On the way home I even finished up one of the trail groups for the CT 400.
My only complaint is that if I did not have a car GPS I would probably still be going around in circles in North Adams. The street pattern seems to be shaped after a pile of pretzels.

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Didn't *anyone* go to the Gathering???  It WAS this past 
weekend, n'est pas???  Where are the reports?  Inquiring 
minds want to know.  ...and so does mine.  

~~ eArThworm

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