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This is from the Manchester Union Leader, at www.unionleader.com, reported
at noon on Tuesday. I've included the expected weather conditions for Monday
on the Presidential Ridge. I don't like being in these wet, wind, cold
conditions. For someone not use to them? - well, I'm not surprised at this
accident. I don't mean to judge Mr. Treacy's abilities but I'm sure the
accident report will mention them as a contributing cause.


"On the (Presidential) summits this will translate to nearly continuous
foggy conditions with occasional showers passing through. Temperatures will
be mostly in the 20s allowing for precipitation to fall mostly as snow; but
as things warm closer to the freezing mark during the day time hours today
and tomorrow, some sleet or freezing rain may finds its way back into the
mix. With no significant changes expected in the pressure gradient today and
tonight, winds will remain high and quite gusty." -RD


THOMPSON AND MESERVES PURCHASE - A Maryland man hiking a section of the
Appalachian Trail was helped off Mount Madison Monday, after he fell,
according to Fish and Game.

John Treacy, 64, of Olney, Md., was a section hiker of the Georgia to Maine
trail and early Monday afternoon, he fell and seriously injured his arm and
cut his head about a mile from the summit of Mount Madison, according to
conservation officer Matt Lucas. Treacy was on the Osgood trail, at the
junction of the Daniel Webster Scout trail.

His injuries were reported via a cell phone and a Blackhawk helicopter was
dispatched from the Army Air National Guard in Concord to assist in the

"Before all the officers could get to the scene, the National Guard was able
to get Treacy off of the mountain and flew him down to Gorham Airport at
approximately 5 pm," Lucus said.

Treacy was taken to Androscoggin Valley Hospital in Berlin for treatment of
injuries Lucas described as serious, but non-life threatening.


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