[at-l] Enola, PA AT attempt for Nov 10

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Actually, if he is planning on completing the hike in 45 days, he will start out with 15 days of food then resupply with 15 days each twice.

I am worried that since he claims that he won't quit, he may get into trouble then risk others who have to rescue him.

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Re: [at-l] Enola, PA AT attempt for Nov
I didn't interpret the article the same way.  I think he
implies that he will get two mail drops from his brother and that he
will be on his own to resupply from the trail.  It suggests that
his pack weight will be 30 pounds and he plans to have a diet that
would include heavier food.  He could not carry a months supply
of tuna and make those kinds of miles.  Thirty days of food would
come in at about 60 pounds.  I'm sure he thinks I am a "nay
sayer".  It would be amazing if he is successful but I don't
believe he is giving himself a fair chance.  Has anyone recently
claimed an unsupported record?  I wish him luck.
Gabby  AT 04.

On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 10:14 AM, Amy
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Wow. Um. Sixty miles a day in winter with a full

Yeah, and the article implies he's
resupplying food only twice. That means he'll carry a month of food at
a time? With a 32 pound pack? 60 miles per day in winter over the
Presidentials? With no support crew, carrying a full camping load and
a winter bag (one hopes.) Wow.

Interesting story.



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