[at-l] Death of Thurston Griggs --Ridge Runner Extraordinaire

Rosalind Suit rosiesuit at live.com
Sat Oct 29 13:50:33 CDT 2011

Sorry to bring sad news, but Dr. Thurston Griggs, first editor of the ATC
magazine The Register, hike leader, club leader, twice president of the
Mountain Club of Maryland,  Ridge Runner for 13 years even into his 70's,
died October 14, at age 95.  He was the recent recipient of awards for 50
years of service to the AT from both the ATC and  the NPS, and the
Appalachian Trail Museum awards banquet last June.  He autobiography is
titled:  One Man's Window on the Twentieth Century.


If you walked through Maryland 20-30 years ago, you had a good chance of
meeting him on the Trail.


Should you wish to send cards or condolences to the family, write me.  




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