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Here is a compliation of CT trail reports so far.
If anyone is interested I can send pics of blowdowns & raging streams in a doc file.
., I am going to forward to you  two recent trail reports from CT, mainly involving the mid and southererly portions of the AT.  As you can see, water and erosion are large problems, not to say there aren't also significant blowdowns.  note the Trail underwater (w/blowdowns!) along the Housatonic near Swifts Bridge.
-Flooding around the bridge at 10 mile
-Knee deep flooding on trail around macedonia brook, stairs to the bridge were floating
-Lots of mountain bike tracks near on the trail near the fields north of stony brook camp area and south of north gate road
-Knee to waist deep flooding for .25 to .5 miles just south of north gate road
-Ten Mile flooded around the bridge but not up to the campsite.  Small stream there was waist deep.
-Macedonia Brook very flooded, much of that bridge underwater with top of bridge only inches above water.  Steps were floating.  (this is Macedonia, right?  Right after 341?)
-Trail extremely flooded up to a half mile before North Gate- essentially the trail is the Housatonic right now and is chest-deep in places.  Other sections of the river walk flooded.
-Extreme wash out on a staircase by the pine knob loop trail somewhere- perhaps ceasar brook.  A brook flooded and took out the whole bank, including a 3 or 4 step staircase.  When I get back to the office and can look at Tristan's notes I can provide a more specific location.
if you are willing to hike round / over blow downs etc. you will probably be able to make your way along the CT section with some delays. Despite having some very dedicated volunteers it is inevitably going to take time to clear the debris which I would guess is along the trail.
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