[at-l] AT near CT/MA border

Mike Cunningham hikermiker at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 12 11:05:26 CDT 2011

On Saturday, Sept 10 I hiked the AT in the CT/MA border area from Northwest Road (approximately at the intersection with the Paradise Lane trail to Mount Race. I did meet a trail maintainer.
The AT at the intersection with Northwest Road is more like a stream than a trail. The bridge to the Sages Ravine campsite has washed downstream and will need some serious work to get it back. The stream is crossable a bit downstream of that site. The AT crossing of the stream is also doable. Both crossings were only about knee height but the current was strong. The rest of the AT to Race had only two stepover blowdowns which may not have been recent. 
Sages Ravine was SPECTACULAR.
Mike Cunningham
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