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AT water in ga is scarce. Woody gap dry, woods hole hostel dry, the springs between are dry, but Lance creek has water for now. Hotdog
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Many hikers have already finished the AT this season.  I believe I 
read a trailjournal entry for a hiker claiming to be the 125th hiker 
to finish and that was at least 3 weeks ago.  And many folks are in 
Maine right now.  Most of them should finish.  I believe most thru 
hikers have made it past the Green Mountains -  both NOBO's na 
SOBO's.   I am sure that Irene has made it impossible for some hikers 
to finish this year but most will make it.

>Am I understanding correctly that there will be no finished hikes 
>this year? Except for the few who squeezed by earlier, of course.
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