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The response I got from several hikers was that they enjoyed the 
profiles and therefore used the AT Guide.  But most agreed that the 
Companion had way more detail.  Several businesses commented that 
they were approached once by the Guide a few years ago but have not 
heard from them since.  A few hikers are using both books.  Many of 
us passed hikers used maps and the Companion or  Wingfoot's Thru 
Hiker's Handbook.  I think it is good to combine features.  I still 
like having a good map even if it is not essential.

>While not perfect, it's nice to see the Companion one up on the AT
>Guide, which it seems, most thru-hikers are using this year.  It's
>possible next years Companion will have profiles, along with the data
>tables, to help narrow the gap.
>Looking at Google Earth, with an AT center line the PO at Afton, looks
>well off the trail to the east.
>On 9/18/2011 11:49 PM, Felix J wrote:
>>  On 9/18/2011 11:45 PM, Craig Wickmann wrote:
>>>  I was there in August&  noticed that it was closed on
>>>  Saturdays.  I was glad that I was there on Thursday.  I
>>>  went on the USPS website though&  found that the Afton,
>>>  P.O. is open from 9-11 on Saturdays.  I did not see this
>>>  Post office when I was there but according to the map on
>>>  the website, it looks like it is right near the trail.
>>>  Perhaps at the visitor center?
>>  Hmmm....interesting.  Afton doesn't get much 'press' amongst
>>  hikers that I know of.
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