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RockDancer rockdancer97 at comcast.net
Mon Sep 26 20:31:11 CDT 2011

On a sad note, I traveled through Crawford Notch this evening and checked on my premier stealth campsite, where I stay when I’m doing trail magic. It’s gone, wiped out by Hurricane Irene. The sleeping surface was torn away by water and is now topped by about 3 feet of tumbled rocks & busted trees. The nearby brook suffered a re-course and when the levee wall caved the downhill terrain suffered a pounding of water and rock. Some of the rocks are 3 feet in diameter, tossed there by the water! Well, I’m glad I wasn’t sleeping there when it happened. Goodbye to my camp spot of the last 15 years!


I didn’t have time to check other spots in the notch. From the car it doesn’t look bad along Rt. 302, but once in the woods the changes are amazing. Work crews are still there in several places on Rt. 302 but traffic isn’t greatly impacted.


The Fall colors in Maine aren’t really prime yet, not even as far north as Stratton. There was no color change south of Andover, ME, including all of the Whites in NH. It will all happen in the next 2 weeks I think. --RD

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