[at-l] 2011 AT Hike, Part Deux

Ofahoma ofahoma at aol.com
Mon Sep 26 22:14:32 CDT 2011

When we last heard from our intrepid explorer, he had returned home  
 from his latest swaree on the AT, stopping earlier than he had planned. 
Sore feet and terrain that was more difficult than he had imagined 
brought the summer trip to an early end. The plan had always been to 
return but, he had hoped to be farther along the trail than he is. But, 
it is what it is.....

Fast forward to today, I shipped my gear to my son and his family. I 
will fly up to Albany, NY on October 7th and return to Bear Mt. Bridge, 
NY on the 8th to pick up where I left off in July. I am excited because 
before now, my AT experiences have mostly been during the summer months
when it was hot and dry. But, hiking in October in NY & CT, I am 
looking forward to the leaves changing, the cooler air, lastly and most 
importantly, an opportunity to finish what I started this summer and 
stay somewhat on my schedule.

Like everyone else, I watched in horror as Irene and Lee did their 
damage to the NE. But, as best as I can tell, the trail in NY and CT 
where I will be hiking is OK. Got the word yesterday that the trail in 
CT has for the most part retuned to a hike-able state. There were parts 
that the ATC said to avoid. But, the ridgerunner (Painted Turtle) for 
that part checked it out and said that it is good to go. Still, there 
will be stretches where the scars will show. But, I am looking forward 
to it none the less.

I will be packing my Ipad again, although I know that some of you think 
that the hike should be free of electronics.  In a way, I agree. But, 
until my my feet started killing me, I really enjoyed sharing at part 
of my trip with you. When it became more important to just get off my 
feet rather than take the time to type a short note, I stopped.  I plan 
on doing that again.

So, stay tuned........ More to come.....

See you up the trail.

Fat Man Walking

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