[at-l] Irene damage

Ryan Crawford nayrdrofwarc at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 18:15:46 CDT 2011

> The Fall colors in Maine aren?t really prime yet, not even as far north as 
> Stratton. There was no color change south of Andover, ME, including all of 
> the Whites in NH. It will all happen in the next 2 weeks I think. --RD

Heck, I've seen spots down south of me, that are in full bloom already.  I 
would have called this past weekend as peak along Rt 10 between Goshen and 
Rt 9.  South of Rt 9 had nothing turned yet.  Today I was up around Canaan 
and most of that area I would say is over.  Everything was pretty much brown 
already.  Some of the later turning leaves may still be to come but the 
Sugar Maple are finished.

I had leaves on a couple of trees in my yard turning clear back in early-mid 

Sunapee, NH 

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