[at-l] Ill hiker near Nahmakanta

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I never will forget Bob Peoples sharing stories of people who had 
physical infirmities who had come through Kincora hiking the trail. 
Some of whom were terminal.  Bob related to me that some DO come to the 
trail to die.

I hope that when I get to that point, I have the presence of mind and 
the remaining physical ability to get to the Trail. I can''t think of a 
better way to go. But, I sure hope I don't cause difficulties to those 
I may be around at the time or my family.

They already know I'm crazy. So, that part won't come as a shock.

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Not a bad way to go, all in all.

- Greenbriar

>> ...  Hope the hiker makes out as well as I did.
>> Clyde
> Unfortunately, he had had a stroke and died after
> they had gotten him to a hospital.  He was a
> thruhiker and had made it almost to Katahdin.
> ~~ eArThworm

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