[at-l] Wenger knife $2149

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 2 14:08:08 CDT 2012

--- On Mon, 4/2/12, RockDancer <rockdancer97 at comcast.net> wrote:

> Wenger, a competitor of Swiss Army Knife, has made a knife with 87
> implements, 141 functions, 2 lbs, $2149. See
> http://www.wengerna.com/giant-knife-16999
> -- RD

### HA! No WAY would I have a pocketknife like that. Why, the pocket would have to be a half-gallon big, and my pants would end up hanging off of my a........ Oh, wait -- those are the pants I've been trying to avoid for the last few years. 


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