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Sat Apr 7 12:20:36 CDT 2012

Well, my travel plans for this year have been up in the air for so long, I
haven't been able to plan in advance.  Doctor's appointments kept me in
town for an extra month which was just as well.  I ended up in the hospital
for a couple of days for an appendectomy but healing is fast after
laparoscopic surgery and I'm finally ready to hit the road again.

Last year, I was disappointed not to get to southern Florida in time to do
any paddling in the Everglades.  I'm pushing it this year as well, but I'm
going to try to get to Florida quickly to try to paddle this year.
 Unfortunately, the rain, bugs, and heat are running early so it'll be
interesting to see if and for how long I can get out this year.

Once I get to Florida, I plan to start in the Everglades, spend some time
on the Gulf coast, maybe visit friends in the Keys and/or the Panhandle.
 And a friend of mine is getting married in June so I'm sure to find enough
to keep me busy that long.  Then, I'll start up the coast and I hope to
visit the Outer Banks.  Last year, I was just getting to North Carolina
when Hurricane Irene chased me home.

In any case, I'm going to be traveling south primarily on the I-95
corridor.  Let me know if you happen to live near I-95 or other nearby
routes going south.  It would be great to meet for lunch or dinner.  Same
goes for anyone living in Florida.  I'll be traveling around a bit and it's
nice to meet up with people.

Stitches, AT99

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