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Jack Vanderbijl jacko_1956 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 11 06:22:54 CDT 2012

I have read a multitude of books and journals on hiking the AT and all generally discuss in detail getting "work for stay" in the AMC huts through the Whites and staying in the "dungeon" or similar.

How feasible is it to actually book and stay in the huts like the "civilians"?

I realise that there would be a need to book ahead of time but just how far ahead?

I expect that while I am not lavish with funds that at least a couple of nights I can afford to stay in the "top of town".  At 55 now and 56 when I get there (assuming I get there) I really don't feel that I want to sweep floors or wash dishes when someone else really wants the opportunity.  I'm not proud (I currently take soiled linen out of nursing homes as part of my job so I'm familiar with dirty jobs), I just don't feel that's a part of the experience I really want to share if I don't have to.
Is it possible that about 100-200 miles before getting to the Whites I could predict a date that I will get to the huts and make a booking?

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