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I've summited Mt Washington at least 100 times.  Three or four time 
by car.  Once by cog.  The rest of the times on foot.  I ran the 
Outing Club for the high school I worked in for 35 years.  Every year 
the kisd wanted to climb the big one in the fall and again in the 
spring. And for many summers I climbed to the summit on my own. 
Sometimes I've been there backpacking but mostly on day hikes.   I've 
been up there in snow and sleet, in rain and fog.  I've been up there 
in extreme winds and a couple of times in the heat.  I still love to 
make that trip.  On my 2004 thru hike I reached the summit and was 
accosted by a man who asked me to take his picture at the summit 
marker.  I told him I would not but he could take my picture because 
I got there the hard way.  Then I laughed, explained, and took his 

>I have summited Mt Washington twice.  Once as a passenger in a car and once
>on my own two feet.  I'd go back in a heartbeat in the summer.
>Black Wolfe
>Bruce W.
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>From: "Cody Girl"
>>  I got a kick out of this.  The trials and travels of tackling Mt
>>  Washington
>>  on the auto road.  The writer's last comment is "Next time I'm walking!".
>>  I agree wholeheartedly!
>>  And Now, for something completely different ...
>>  I thought you might enjoy another perspective.
>>  Cody
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