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Mark Hudson mvhudson at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 16:53:51 CDT 2012

20 years ago tomorrow... was one of those very special days on the trail.

I left Davenport Gap on the way to Roaring Fork Shelter. My first 20 mile

All things considered the mileage had VERY little to do with the day...
I headed out planning on camping on top of Max Patch.

It was one of those days that started out good and kept getting better...
John Muir's going to the mountains to get their tidings kind of day :-)

Ran out of steam just before Max Patch,,, stopped to cook dinner alongside
a little stream in a rhododendron tunnel...
Climbed up to Max Patch as the sun was dropping, to find it too windy to
expect to get any sleep for the flapping tent...
But 20 minutes of enjoying the beauty and absorbing the energy and suddenly
the 5 miles to Roaring Fork didn't seem so far.
And the walk was still gorgeous... left the long views behind, but the path
through the pines and down along that babbling brook was beautiful :-)

Arrived about as close to dark as you can without using a headlamp. Ted D
Bear and Papa Bob were at the shelter, think I woke them as I stumbled in.

So much for the Readers Digest version, it was just one of those days you
can't put into words :-)

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