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It's been a few years but unless a lot has changed for the better, unless  
you like route finding hikes I'd try another trail. The pieces in and around 
BSF  (Big South Fork) weren't bad and those in and around RRG (Red River 
Gorge) were  also OK. Leaving a vehicle along much of that trail is a gamble 
unless you can  find a business or home that will keep an eye on it. Some 
towns will let you  park near the police Hdq. 
Maintenance used to be non existent on many stretches where the  ST did not 
coincide with other trails.
If you go a report of your experience would be appreciated. 
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I'm considering doing a week long section on the Sheltowee Trace later  
this year.  Anyone have any suggestions on which stretch I should spend  my 
time on?  I understand there's some road walks but perhaps not too  much?  Good 
in and out points would be pretty important to me as I'll be  leaving my 
vehicle somewhere.  
I have the trail guide, but no map yet so I'm kind of blind to what's  
what.  Would love to hear your suggestions!


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