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Jack Vanderbijl jacko_1956 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 17 06:36:33 CDT 2012

Standard NeoAir but just got a NeoAir Trekker which is a tad heavier but has the standard Thermarest type covering and gives impression it will be a bit more robust and less slippery.

Mattresses generate a lot of heated debate so you need to weigh up the pros and cons.
If you are a side sleeper like me your hip will greatly appreciate one of the newer types like NeoAir or downmat UL etc.
If you sleep on your back or stomach the older types are usually adequate and well proven.
Then you add in the temps (especially of the ground) where you will be using it and you should leave yourself a choice of one or two if you're honest (lightest possible weight being a given criteria).

As a seperate note I have a theory that back sleepers as a group contain the worst snorers.
I am always happiest bedding down in a group when I see Downmats and NeoAirs and try not to take a position close to anyone sleeping on a simple closed cell pad.

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