[at-l] noodle

RockDancer rockdancer97 at comcast.net
Tue Apr 17 06:54:19 CDT 2012

I'm using the Big Agnes mummy-style pad, Insulated Air Core:

Size 20x60x2.5" - I like the extra thickness, luxurious after many years
with the ultralight pad.

Weight = 18 ounces, yep about 2 oz heavier than the old pad.

Cons - on a bare shelter floor the darn thing squeeks every time I turn, so
use a ground sheet. It's like sleeping on an old fashion water raft, has 7
air tubes that run the length. If the inflation isn't just right I sometimes
feel like I'm on a water bed, the pad creates a slight instability for
sleeping. This doesn't matter if I'm done in from hiking a full day but I
always notice how the "motion feeling" is absent when I switch to a closed
cell foam pad.
Do not use in cold weather. The air channels are always circulating cold air
and you will feel the heat getting sucked out of you. I've tried it at 32 F
and stayed awake all night in my 20 F bag!

Cost is $89

But I seriously love this pad on the right kind of trip. Hiking last Ju, Jy,
Aug - from Harpers Ferry to CT/MA - I was a happy camper. I would use this
in the Whites up to about Columbus Day.


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