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Mark Hudson mvhudson at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 13:19:31 CDT 2012

Another sporadic AT journal post...

20 years ago today, after spending the night in the Sugarloaf Summit House
in howling winds and a thunderstorm, I made my way down to the Carabasset
River on wet, slippery trail. Fortunately the river was not in flood from
the rain. Hiked up Crocker Cirque and down the Crocker Range... didn't
think it was possible for the trail to be downhill ALL of the five miles to
the road, but it was. Met a group of French Canadians heading in on a
backpacking trip, and scored a ride to town with their road support. Scored
two pieces of melon out of the ride too!
Hit the Widow's walk and spent the rest of the day taking care of town
stuff :-)

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