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I was at the trail from Wed to Saturday, saw a total of 29 hikers. So they
are coming by at a rate of 10/day. This isn't quite the surge I was
expecting and the word from NoBo's is that there is a large pack moving up
the trail. 8 SoBo hikers came by, some starting only on July 15 & moving


The weather turned evil on Friday. The rain had started Thursday afternoon,
and both Stitches and I had wet tents by morning. During Friday there were
some periods with no rain but by afternoon the downpours started. The large
Walrus tarp protected us from the worst of it but the spray & splashback
were signs that Friday night in a tent would be uncomfortable for us as well
as the 4 AT hikers that sought refuge with us during the late day. (At one
time we had a dozen hikers & packs huddled together passing around the food
& stories).


I made a trip over to Dickerman Cabin and appealed to my fellow club members
to take us all in for the night. Our appeal for sanctuary was answered and 4
hikers (Kate, Sanhican, Coosy and Butterfinger) plus Stitches and me were
welcomed into a dry cabin, fed some great hot food and then slept on the
second-floor mattresses. After a late breakfast we brought these hikers back
to the trail. The site we abandoned the night before was strewn about with
the trash we left in a large bag (couldn't fit in the car). And both Stiches
and I had to retrieve our wet tents and gear. A dry & partly sunny Saturday
helped to dry out our wet stuff & the hikers did a great job claning up the
animal-strewn trash.


All in all a fun way to spend your birthday!


Arthur D. Gaudet

RockDancer on the Appalachian Trail

Rockdancer97 at comcast.net


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