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In the interest of being terribly accurate I'd like to provide information
for this years AT hikers as they head onto the Presidential Ridge regarding
the history of fines for mooning the Cog Railroad. The most relevant thread
I can find is on Trailforums.com>Appalachian Trail for 9/4/07. (search for


There are details in the thread from writer "just me!" writing on 9/5/07
that says that her son, HoldOn, and 4 other hikers were given tickets on the
previous weekend (Sept. 1 or 2) of $125 each. "He (HoldOn) said the cog
train stopped and out jumped a forest ranger and state police. What's a
mother to do!!! I am VERY proud of him and ALL thru hikers!"


"Slo-go'en" writes that the fine is either $125 with a permanent Federal
record for nudity or a $175 fine with the record being purged at some point.


"redwood" writes that "yah, it's 125 with a charge of public nudity, or 175
with a charge of something lame . I can't remember what. They didn't tell us
anything about the record being purged if you take the 175 ticket. All 5 of
us took public nudity for 125, please."


Me - There were accusations on the thread that this was all a hoax.


"redwood" wrote that the hikers were HoldOn, Redwood, Serendipidy, Nice
Enuff and Ox. "The act took place where the AT crosses the rails. We were on
the North side. As we were mooning, the train stopped. Before we knew what
was happening two officers were behind us, tapping us on the shoulders
saying "you, you, you . over here." We weren't sure what was going on. I can
understand your skepticism when you don't have a 125 dollar ticket to pay."


And finally Warren Doyle added an irrelevancy: "I always felt that a hiker
feigning choking from the black smoke and falling to the ground was a more
appropriate action for the families riding the cog to see."


Me Again:

I am unable to find any press releases for NH newspapers that discuss the
incident in 2007. I'm under the impression that the general NH reaction was
an upset to what was expected. That is, that many pressed the state police
with questions about why they were wasting taxpayer money by sending their
men on such a mission. I'm also under the impression that no hiker since
this single event has been fined for mooning the Cog.


Please send any info you have and I'll correct my message to this years AT
thruhikers. --RockDancer

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