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That's good, and I wasn't aware of that category OC.  Not exactly what I 
want; I don't care if they see my posts, just don't want them commenting on 
them.  I can do that for each individual post (by putting them in a "blocked 
from commenting" group and then adding that group to each post); that's a 
little bit of a pain having to do it for each post.

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> Go to your friends list.  Click on the friend's name.  Click on the bar 
> labeled "friends, click on "show all lists".  You will now see the 
> catagory "Restricted".  Once you check that,  they can only see (and 
> comment on) posts that you make public.
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> ok, I have a situation.  I'd like to block a couple of my "friends" from
> commenting on my posts (on my own timeline).  How do I do that?
> Thnx.
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