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Mon Aug 27 16:35:20 CDT 2012

What a bargain; I'll bet they never even charged for all that storage!

Allen "Monkeywrench" Freeman
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On Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 5:24 PM, Felix J <AThiker at smithville.net> wrote:
> all right....here's a sad little funny story for you. Nov
> 14, 1998. Waynsboro, VA.  A buddy of mine picks me up at the
> motel I stayed in and took me to the post office and then to
> Weasie's for breakfast. I ordered breakfast and opened my
> mail.  sometime between pancakes and hashbrowns I realize
> that there was a package missing. It was the package with my
> VA maps, a fleece hat and my winter gloves. As these were
> all items I definitely wanted to have with me I had my
> friend take me back to the post office after we were done
> eating.
> I go back in the post office, roughly 45 minutes after i was
> there the first time, and talked to the same man...who made
> me show ID again and all that. He goes back to where ever it
> is they go to get stuff....and, got more stuff! The new
> stuff STILL did not include the only package I really
> wanted...my gloves, hat and maps.
> SEPTEMBER of 1999....I get returned mail...FROM WAYNESBORO,
> VA!  My maps, hat and gloves found their way back to my
> house 10 months after they left. This raises lots of
> questions for me.
> Move forward to September 2011. The woman I was married to
> at the time, Pilot, was thru-hiking the AT. On September 12,
> 2011 I mailed maps and AWOL guide pages to Waynesboro, VA
> for her. The package got there on 9/15. She was due there 9/18.
> August 27th, 2012...I get returned mail...FROM WAYNESBORO,
> VA...her maps and guide pages. so, another package that sat
> in the Waynesboro, VA post office for 10 or 11 months. This
> raises lots of questions for me again.
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