[at-l] trail notes, Crawford Notch, Trip 10

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Wed Aug 29 08:37:37 CDT 2012

Why would they want to flip?  Baxter State Park may be closed to 
camping after October 15th but it is open year round to hiking.  I 
finished on October 25th.  Was shuttled from the park on the 24th and 
returned on 25th.  Only 2 other people on Katahdin when I summitted. 
It was perfect.  A dusting of snow on the way up but it had melted on 
the return trip.  Temps in the 50's with only a slight breeze and 
limitless visibility.  No crowds at the summit to spoil my final day. 
It turned out that conditions in the Whites were more treacherous 
with snow and ice.  I think you are correct saying it could be 
tougher to flip in the late hiker season.   Besides, most of the 
Maine section stays at lower altitudes.  Only Katahdin goes above 
tree line  The Bigelows could be tough in a snow storm. So, don't 
hike in a snow storm.  With the warming climate chances a very good 
for successful late season summit of Katahdin.

Happy Hiking.

>The weather from Aug. 22-25 at Crawford Notch made a liar of me, well sort
>of. The low pressure area didn't show up and instead we had warm, dry days &
>cool (to cold) nights for this 10th trail magic. With one hour to go before
>heading home, a sudden downpour kicked up and doused us, just to let us know
>it can happen anytime. The nights may have reached low 40's in the early AM
>on Friday, but Saturday was warmer and Sunday warmer still overnight. The
>hikers are enjoying the good weather, making miles on the trail, and also
>signaling how fortunate they are to have such nice late-August weather.
>57 hikers came through the notch this time, with only 1 SoBo hiker each day.
>I think I've only seen one hiker on the flip and that was over a week ago.
>Everyone else is on the march North. A few more Germans came by, so perhaps
>10 this season, and one young Frenchman, Timothee, quite young and traveling
>on his own. GIPCGIRL (Gypsy Girl) came through on her 3rd AT in 3 years, and
>has also done the PCT thru-hike this year! She still had time to sit, rest &
>tell stories with us. Cane Cutter is a young guy from Alabama, taught us
>about the large rabbits down there. Grand Poobah (SoBo) and Ginger Snap
>(NoBo) stayed a night with us, and we stayed up late watching the stars. On
>Friday afternoon, Rockfish returned from his dayhike on Mt. Washington to
>spend the night. He's got to be at work in Michigan starting tomorrow
>(Monday) but this trail regular made great use of his short vacation.
>Stitches '99 was helping a lot on this trip & she had to answer LOTS of
>questions about the CDT and PCT. Clearly those trails are on the minds of
>many hikers.
>257 hikers so far this year. I'll have one more trip to the notch over Labor
>Day Weekend. But after that is a bit vague. The back of the pack only has 7
>weeks to make it to Katahdin to stay within the Oct. 15 date. And it's
>problematic to flip in the Whites. It'll be nearly as snowy & cold here in
>November as in Baxter SP. Well, not exactly as bad, but you get the idea.
>Those "back of the pack" hikers may need to use snowshoes to get through the
>Whites if they wait too long to flip!
>Arthur D. Gaudet
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