[at-l] trail notes, Crawford Notch, Trip 10

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Thanks Art, for clarifying. I haven't heard from anyone else, no one has
corrected my understanding of the current rules. It is of course foolhardy
to attempt Katahdin when it's closed and dangerous in the extreme conditions
experienced by that November hiker. Rereading my note about his trip: he
experienced the deep snow while approaching the tableland but the tableland
was windswept and icy, with the white blazes hidden below his feet. Years
ago there were two tall columns of stone that marked the AT entrance to/from
the tableland. These have toppled over the years. --RD

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I did not stay in Baxter overnight on October 24th.  I was shuttled out of
the park then returned on the 25th to complete my last day.

>Hi all, I've been to the Baxter website and I can't confirm exactly 
>what I'm going to say. Perhaps someone can point to a reference if they 
>know the situation to be different. Specifically, Art doesn't mention 
>that there is an end date even for day use activities. I believe the 
>last official day to summit Katahdin, under day use rules, is Oct. 31. 
>And that date is of course subject to the conditions on Katahdin. Also 
>Art states that he stayed overnight on Oct. 24 and I don't believe this is
allowed anymore.

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