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Art Cloutman Art at crystalacresnh.com
Sat Dec 1 11:49:20 CST 2012


When I did my thru hike in 2004 I had a swim in Nuclear Lake.  Was a 
hot day in early August.  I was alone at the time, water was very 
refreshing.  Don't think I had any unpleasant reactions to my swim. 
I'ld do it again but not in December.

>   Yesterday I hiked around Nuclear Lake in Pawling, NY. I hiked the 
>yellow trail around one side (which I had never done before) and the 
>AT back the other side. The yellow trail is really quite neat, going 
>through some interesting rock formations and past some strange stone 
>I saw a bald eagle and at least two male pheasants. Possibly 5 
>pheasants, I saw two twice and one single. I saw a couple of dead 
>birds & got to wondering what had eaten them. They may have been 
>female pheasants or hawks, not much was left.
>There were abundant signs saying no fires & no camping, but none 
>saying no swimming.
>So two questions.
># 1. I know that eagles eat fish, do they also eat birds?
># 2  Has anyone ever been swimming at Nuclear Lake?
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