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Hi folks,

>From a long-time lurker on at-l ......

I have been a section maintainer on the AT for almost 18 years. Over the
last year, I have been doing a blog (my personal blog, not officially
associated with the maintaining club) for a group of club maintainers in
VA. For me, it gives me a way to stay in touch with the trail between work
trips (I am caring for an elderly parent and can't 'get away' to the trail
very much these days); also, it gives the maintainers a way to see what
everybody else is doing, either on club work trip days or when the section
maintainers visit their sections on separate occasions. It's been a lot of
fun for me to work on it and my hope is that it has fostered a stronger
sense of community with our maintainer group.

The blog is not listed with search engines so that 'keeps it close', but
anyone with the url can see it. I thought I would share it with the group
on at-l. By the way, worked with wc on an AT relo (he was on a Konnarock
crew) back in the late 90's, saw his PCT pictures link on at-l and he very
graciously gave me permission to link to his picture album on the blog
(thanks again, wc!!). If you've hiked in VA on the AT, you'll recognize the
trail .... you can go to the trail sections/mileage/features category & see
each section of the trail and the landmarks on it (if I've gotten pics -
still missing some - it's a  "project in progress") & there's a slide show
of pictures from this section.  I'm also always looking for content other
than the posts I write .... if you have a story about hiking our section or
anything related you'd like to share that you wouldn't mind being posted to
the blog (pictures, too) you can email me at the blog 'contact' link (
rockfishtoreeds at gmail.com).

Trail maintenance is something very near & dear to my heart ..... the trail
needs maintainers. One issue we have is that a lot of us are getting older
and/or our circumstances are changing (like my situation) and getting "new"
folks in who want to take on the responsibility of a specific trail section
is difficult.  We're trying different approaches and the blog is a good way
for folks interested in maintenance to have a place to go and actually
'see' what we do, rather than just hear a brief description. As a
maintainer group, we also help out on other projects .... this month, since
we have no AT work trips due to the holidays,  I'm posting pictures from
past trips to Presquile NWR, one of four refuges in the Eastern Virginia
Rivers NWR Complex.

Anyway, if you take a look, I hope you enjoy it. There are NO ads ..... I
do not NEED page views, but knowing folks may get some pleasure & perhaps
an interest in AT maintenance from the blog has been reward enough to keep
doing it.

Rockfish to Reeds Blog:  http://rockfishtoreeds.blogspot.com/

Thanks - Happy Trails & Trail Maintenance!

Merlot (on the blog ..... aka "inca" on the AT)
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