[at-l] Problems with Vitamin I ?

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 6 11:56:18 CST 2012

FWIW,  a good article summarizing what's been known for many years (simply from the mechanics of how NSAIDs work). These current findings haven't addressed the comfort of the runners, though, and that's what gets us "out the door." So, the study provides *evidence of *potential inflammation, but not sound measurement (maybe the study itself has more material??)...

In any event, there is still the fact that NSAIDs require bio-available water to be metabolized, and if you're running, or hiking, and hydration is an issue, you're now sore because you exercised, AND you're sore because your NSAID has de-hydrated you even more, precisely at the time you needed water and comfort! Solution?? Take another Vitamin I, and send that soreness cycle cycling to organ damage.

(Alright. Well. It's *happened*. But people have overdosed on McDOnald's, too......)

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